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Starting a Farm in Ontario

Soil Fertility Handbook

Organic Field Crop Handbook
By: Canadian Organic Growers

Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests
By: APS Press

For the Love of Hops
By: Stan Hieronymus

Best Management Practices Series

Small Scale & Organic Hops Production (PDF)
By: Rebecca Kneen | Left Fields BC

Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Hops (PDF)
By: Oregon State University | University of Idaho | USDA Agricultural Research Service | Washington State University

Guide to Weed Control 2012-13 (PDF)

Pictorial Guide to Constructing and Testing a Novel Hops Sprayer – The Hopsprayer (PDF)
By: Dr. Jason S.T. Deveau | Application Technology Specialist OMAF and MRA

Hop Drying Details and In-Bale Quality - (PDF)
By: University of California Agricultural Extension

Reevaluation of Host Specificity of the Closely Related Species Pseudoperonospora humuli and P. cubensis - (PDF)
By: Fabian Runge – University of Hohenheim, Institute of Botany, Stuttgart, Germany | Marco Thines – Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre Frankfurt (Main), Germany

Hops Scouting Presentation 2012 – (PDF)
By: Melanie Filotas – Specialty Crops IPM Specialist | OMAFRA

Sustainable Hops Production in the Great Lakes Region – (PDF)
By: Dr. J. Robert Sirrine, Leelanau County Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator | Michigan State University Extension et al.
In: Extension Bulletin E-3083 | January 2010

Compendium of Growth Stage Identification Keys for Mono- and Dicotyledonous Plants (pages 82-85) – (PDF)
By: M. Enz and Ch. Dachler – Novartis | Joint publication | 1997

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