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The Ontario Hop Growers’ Association (OHGA) was created to act as a central voice for hop growers in Ontario. Together we can rebuild a prosperous hops industry in this province.

Why Join?

  • To be included in a network of growers, suppliers, craftspeople, business, researchers and academics
  • Form a network of information sharing, research and project collaboration
  • Encourage interest in Ontario hops
  • Share knowledge regarding propagating, growing, and drying of hops
  • Access to Government resources
  • Education and professional development
  • Benefits

Note: membership terms run from April 1 on any given year, to the following March 31. We recommend new members wait and register between Jan. 1 and March 31, in any given year, in order to get full value from their membership.

FULL Membership – Open to growers (minimum 100 plants) Cost=$75/year

  • Full Voting Membership – have your voice heard on OHGA matters
  • Invitation to display products and materials at OHGA sponsored events
  • Attendance welcomed at OHGA educational meetings
  • Inclusion in and access to a directory of all OHGA members
  • Opportunity to participate on the Executive Committee of the OHGA
  • Notification and information exchange of OHGA or hops related events
  • Members only area on website for research and technical information
  • Marketing opportunities at events in which OHGA participates (e.g. – festivals, agricultural fairs, brewing/culinary events etc.)
  • Business listing on OHGA website with hotlinks to your website
  • Use OHGA logo

Note: you must have a minimum 100 plants in the ground to quality. Membership includes transaction fees. (i.e. $75 + 2.9% + 0.30). 

Join the OHGA!


Affiliate Membership (less than 100 plants)

Open to growers (<100 plants),  brewers and others interested in supporting the resurgence of hop production in Ontario.

Cost = $50/year

  • Non-voting
  • Welcomed attendance at educational events and general meetings
  • Opportunity to support network for interest in Ontario hops and hop production
  • Opportunity to sponsor OHGA events as Affiliate Member
  • Inclusion in a directory accessible by all Full OHGA members
  • Notification and information exchange of OHGA or hops related events
  • Showcase your farm/business at OHGA events
  • Use OHGA logo

Note: membership includes transaction fees. (i.e. $50 + 2.9% + 0.30). 

Join the OHGA!



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