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Eastern Ontario Hop Farms

Hop Farms
Farm Information
Anne Vista FarmsConventional - 2 + acres, cultivars include: Cascade, Nugget, Chinook, Triple pearleN Rodney Fraser, 890 County Rd 18, Ste Anne de Prescott ON, K0B 1M0, Canada
E-mail anne-vista@hotmail.com
Work: (613) 551-5331
Home: (613) 674-1331
Apple Hill HopsCertified Organic; Cultivars grown: Cascade, Centennial,, Glacier.Christine O'Brien.
18553 Kenyon Concession #1 Apple Hill, Ontario K0C 1B0. Email: christine@applehillhops.com. Tel: 514-293-0541.
Arklow Farm HopsNon-conventional Cascade, Hallertauer, Tettnang, Fuggle, Willamette, Galena and Glacier hops.Lynn McIntyre, 2649 Drummond Concession 2, Perth, ON K7H 3C3
Email: lynn.boyd.mcintyre@gmail.com,
Angusshire FarmsNon-conventional. Cultivars grown: Chinook, Hallertau.Richard Element, 103 Phasey Road
Castleton, On, K0K 1M0
Email: richard.element@airnet.ca>. Tel: 905-344-8357
Cell: 289-892-4378
The Bickle Farm - Valley HopsConventional/Non-conventional: Cascade, Chinook.Brandon Bickle, 3054 McClelland Rd, R.R.#2, Port Hope, Ontario, L1A3V6.
Email: valley_hops@yahoo.ca
Chase Farm HopsNon-conventional. Cultivars include: Cascade, Mount Hood, Santiam, Super Alpha, Chinook.Don Wilford
891 Chase Road Consecon Ontario K0K 1T0. Email: don.wilford@bell.net Tel: 647-226-6832
Chlodowig FarmNon-conventional: Columbus, Northern Brewer, Magnum, Fuggle, Centennial, Saaz, Glacier, Chinook, Newport, Hallertauer, Kent Golding.Dan Lafond and Natalie Chapados, 1630 County Road 10, St-Eugene, Ontario, K0B 1P0.
Email: chlodowigfarm@gmail.com
Lager Dogs Hop FarmConventional: Cascade, Hallertauer, Perle, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Zeus.Bruce MacMillan, 20036 Kenyon Rd 8, Alexandria, ON
K0C 1A0
Email: glensec@xplornet.com
Lot 17 Hop YardNon-conventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Chinook, HallertauerAdam Thomson/Fred Thomson RR2 Campbellford, Ontario K0L 1L0
Email: adam@lot17hopyard.com
MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.Non-Conventional, 1/2 acre; cultivators include: Newport, Spalter Select, Vojvodina, Mackinac.Daniel MacKinnon
1915 County Road 22,
Bath Ontario, K0H 1G0

E-mail dan@mackinnonbrewing.com
Work Phone (613) 929-6003
Home Phone (613) 929-6003
Mobile Phone (613) 929-6003
Old 4th Hop YardCertified organic grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Galena, Hallertauer, Nugget, PerleStephanie Jaworski 19826 Maple Road, Williamstown, Ontario K0C 2J0
Email: hops@old4th.ca
Twitter: @Old4thHops
Ottawa Valley HopsConventional, 4 acres: Newport and Super Alpha.Doug Fisher,
3289 Munster Rd, Richmond, ON
K0A 2Z0
Work Phone (613) 289-3146
E-mail doug.fisher@xplornet.ca
Parsons Brewing Co.Conventional grower - 1/4 acre; cultivars include:
Size: half acre.
Chris Parsons
906 County Road 49, Picton, ON
K0K 2T0
Tel: (647) 328-0859
Email: parsonsbrewingco@gmail.com
Pleasant Valley HopsNon-Conventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Cluster, Crystal, Fuggle, Golding, HallertauEdgar Ramirez/Catherine Crawford
18683 Loyalist Parkway Hillier Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K 2J0
Email: hops@PleasantValleyHops.ca
Vines and Bines Conventional grower - 1 acre; cultivars include:
Cascade, Saaz, Newport, Zeus
Linda Lavallee & Conrad Lemieux
299 Closson Rd, Hillier, ON K0K 2J0
email: vinesnbines@gmail.com
Linda cell: 613-720-4516, Conrad cell: 613-447-5047
Wind Dance Stable & FarmNon-conventional grower; cultivars include: Chinook, Crystal, Fuggle, Hallertauer, Kent GoldingMei Mei Roche 1166 North Big Island Road RR1 Demorestville, Ontario K0K 1W0
Email: winddance@kos.net

Central Ontario Hop Farms

Hop Farm
Farm Information
6th HopsConventional/ Non-conventional - 2 acre:
Cascade and Chinook
Andy Moynes
6449 Concession 6 rd, Uxbridge, ON
L9P 1R1. Cell: 647-223-8878.

Email: andymoynes@hotmail.com
Twitter: @6thHops
Instagram: @6thHops
Facebook Page: 6th Hops
Beaver Valley HopsConventional, 3/4 acre hop yard, cultivars include: Cascade, Chinook.Contact: John Day.

Address: 416234 10th Line, Clarksburg, Ontario, NOH 1J0, Canada

E-mail: jday79000@gmail.com
Work: (647) 992-3513
Home: (519) 599-7702
Mobile: (647) 992-3513
Cahiague Farms Inc.Conventional, 6 acres featuring 11 varieties: Cascade, Centennial, Hallertau, Tettnang, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Vanguard, Triple Pearl, Cashmere, Columbia, Willamette.Cahiague Farms Inc.
Line 12 North at Mt. St. Louis Road East
Oro-Medonte, Ontario

Brian Pearson brianjpearson1@gmail.com 416-560-9781
Graydon Lau graydon_lau@hotmail.com 416-606-9055
Duggan's BreweryNon-conventional grower, 3/4s of an acre; cultivars include: Sorachi AceMichael Duggan,
1346 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario.

Tel: +1 (416) 588-1086. Email: michael@duggansbrewery.com.
Erin Ridge FarmConventional, 1 acres; cultivars include: Cascade, Columbus, Canadian Red, Galena, Hallertau.Todd Ritchie
8857 Side-road 17, Acton (Erin Township)
ON, L7J 2L9
E-mail jennilynritchie@hotmail.com
Work Phone (519) 993-7110
Georgian Bay LabsClean Stock Centre Specializing in Hop Field Transplants.
Conventional, 1/2 acre; cultivars include: Cascade - Chinook - Centennial.
Sherry Johnston
Box 511, Chesley
Ontario, N0G 1L0
E-mail info@georgianbaylabs.ca
Work Phone (226) 779-3006
Logo - Heritage Hill Hop Yard & Nursery 60 c 60Heritage Hill Hopyard & NurseryNon-conventional grower, 1.25 acres; cultivars include: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Hallertauer, Mount Hood, Nugget, Sorachi Ace, Splat, Sterling, Tettnang, Willamette, Zeus
* Rhizomes for sale
Hugh Brown 1933 Line 2 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L 2L0

Email: heritagehillhopyard@gmail.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heritage-Hill-Hop-Yard-Nursery-171419786394809/

Twitter: barrie_hopman
Mud Creek HopsNon-certified organic: Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Nugget, Newport & WillametteWard & Anneleen Naudts
293199 8th Line RR1
Grand Valley, Ontario
Shelter Valley HopsCertified Organic. Cultivars grown: Cascade, Centennial, Fuggle,  Kent, Glazier, Sorachi Ace, Tettnang.R.D. Sid Gillespie, 12 King Maple Place North York, Ontario M2K 1X6. Email: sidgillespie@sympatico.ca. Tel: (416) 225-8555.
Skookum HopsNon-conventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Fuggle, Hallertauer, Mount Hood, Nugget, Saaz, SterlingDouglas Parker 250 Viewmount Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6B 1V2
Email: skookumhops@gmail.com
Upper Twenty Creek FarmNon-conventional grower; cultivar: BertwellAlbert Witteveen 2853 South Grimsby Road 7 Smithville, Ontario L0R 2A0
Email: albert.witteveen4@gmail.com
Winterbrook HopsNon-conventional growers; cultivars include: Cascade, Fuggle, Mount Hood, Nugget, WillametteGail/Phil Winters 18825 Shaws Creek Road Caledon, Ontario L7K 1L3
Email: gail@winterbrookhops.ca
Xenadu FarmNon-Conventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Hallertauer, and Nugget
* Rhizomes only for sale; with the ability to supply between 100-500 units
Stuart Butts 9230 Dagmar Road Ashburn, Ontario L0B 1A0
Email: sbutts@bell.net

Western Ontario Hop Farms

Hop Farm
Farm Information
2274652 Ontario Inc.Conventional, 2 aces; cultivators include: Cascade, Chinook.Andrew Patterson
730 Norfolk County Road 19 West
Vanessa, ON
N0E 1V0

E-mail Drew.patterson18@gmail.com
Work Phone (519) 802-4276
1st Concession HopsConventional grower; cultivars include: Bertwell, Cascade, and HallertaurerMark Rennison 79 William Street
Delaware, Ontario N0L 1E0
Email: rennisonfire@gmail.com
Better Brew HopsNon-conventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Hallertauer, Mount HoodTim Bender, 965873 Maplewood Side Rd Tavistock, Ontario N0B 2R0
Email: timbender@me.ca
CanAussie Farms Inc.Conventional; cultivars include: Mt Hood, Sterling, Centennial, Wild hops.Dean Workman, 6822 Beatty Line N, Fergus, ON., N1M 2W3. Tel: (519) 994-0446. Email: dean@canaussie.ca.
Blyth Brewing & Distilling Inc.Method of Farming Conventional; varieties TBD.Rick Elliott
PO Box 329
82974 London Road, BLYTH, ON
N0M 1H0

Work: (519) 523-4724
Mobile: (519) 440-9774

Website www.cowbellbrewing.com
Custom Coolant Equipment Inc.Conventional; Cultivars grown: Cascade, Mount Hood.Harold Kuret, PO Box 14 Lynden, Ontario L0R 1T0. Email: cceinc@sympatico.ca. Tel: (519) 647-2795.
David & Terry HavillandConventional; cultivars include: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Willamette.P.O. Box 269, 752098 Hwy 59,  Otterville Ontario N0J 1R0. Email: t.haviland@live.ca, Tel: 519-870-2151.
Dean McConkey FarmsConventional, 1/3rd of an acre; cultivars grown include: Centennial, Cashmere, CascadeDean McConkey, 197 Howell Road, St.George ON, N0E 1N0. Tel: Work Phone (519) 732-6615. Email: mcconkeyfarms@hotmail.com
Dornoch Hops Ltd.Non-conventional grower; 33 cultivars available, including two new additions from New Zealand.
* Plants only for sale; with the ability to supply 500+ units
Cherie Swift/Richard Elder, RR#2
Durham, Ontario N0G 1R0
Email: cherie_swift@hotmail.com
Effingham Brewing Co.Conventional, 1 acre; cultivars include: Centennial, Chinook, Fuggle, Cascade, Saaz.Scott Orosz
2461 Effingham St.
Ridgeville, ON
L0S 1M0

E-mail scott@effinghambrewing.com
Work Phone (905) 328-2092
Hopkona FarmsConventional grower - 2.2 acres; cultivars include: CascadeCentennial, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Zeus.Jenn Cudmore / Rob Rombouts
8741 Townsend Line, Arkona, ON N0M 1B0
Mobile: 289-775-5826 / 289-242-1010
Email: info@hopkona.ca
Harvest Hop & MaltNon-conventional grower; cultivar: Bertwell
Note: Bertwell hops are grown under licensing agreement by a variety of individuals sharing technical support, sales and marketing.
Mike Driscoll, 14 Division Street
Guelph, Ontario N1H 1P9
Email: mikedriscoll@bell.net
Hayhoe HopsConventional grower; Cascade, centennial, chinookScott & Todd Hayhoe, 5359 Springfield Rd, Aylmer, ON., N5H 2R2
Email: scottehayhoe@gmail.com
Twitter: @hayhoehops
Hops Of Pelham Inc.Conventional grower; cultivars include: Alphaaroma, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Cluster L-8, Columbia, Glacier, Horizon, Mount Ranier, Newport, Nugget, Sorachi Ace, Tettnang, Triple Pearle, Ultra, Vanguard, Willamette, Zatecki Cerveni
* All plant stock available has been purchased from the Clean Plant Network. Plants are propagated in a greenhouse facility in Niagara.
* Email the grower for more information about price and available quantity.
Colin Ashbee, 2 Meadowbrook Lane
Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E4
King Lake Farms Inc.Conventional grower; 3 acres, cultivars include: Nugget
* Rhizomes only for sale; with the ability to supply 500+ units. The minimum order is 100 rhizomes.
Remi Van De Slyke, 57544 Jackson Line Straffordville, Ontario N0J 1Y0
Email: vandeslyke@amtelecom.net

Work: (519) 866-5739
Mobile: (519) 281-9034
Niagara College Teaching Hop YardConventional grower; cultivars include: Alpharoma, Willamette,
Columbia, Tettnang, Vanguard, Newport, Nugget, Mt. Rainier, Glacier, Sorachi Ace, Cascade, Centennial.
Steve Gill, 135 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON., L0S 1J0.
Email: sgill@niagaracollege.ca.
Rydal Ridge HopsConventional, 2 acres; cultivars include: Cascade, Chinook, Hallertau, Mt. Hood, Saaz, Zeus.Graham Dingwell
RR#5, 457066
Embro, ON
N0J 1J0

E-mail kadingwell@gmail.com
Work Phone (519) 655-2421
Sixteen Mile HopsConventional, 1 acre; cultivars include: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Crystal, Perle. Ian McClure, 14476 Sixteen Mile Rd., Denfield, Ontario, N0M 1P0

E-mail sixteenmilehops@gmail.com
Work: (519) 860 4603
The Hoppy FarmerConventional; cultivars include: Cascade, Mt Hood, Nugget, Magnum, Sterling, Centennial, Columbus, Golding, Chinook, Northern Brewer, Fuggle, Williamette, Tettnang, Galena, Glacier, Amallia, Liberty, Crystal, Yakima Gold.Stephen Kitras, 6367 Weisenberg Road, RR#1 , West Montrose, ON, N0B 2V0. Tel: (519) 843-2480 Email: skitras@kitras.com.
The Tavistock Hop CompanyOur varietals include: Cascade, Centennial, Newport, Hallertauer, Columbia, AlphaAroma, Glacier, Cashmere and Wild Hops.

We offer custom harvesting and drying on site for area growers.
Kyle Wynette, 2509 Perth Line 26 RR2 Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0.
Email: kyle.wynette@thetavistockhopcompany.ca
Twitter: @Tavistockhopco
VQH FarmsConventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Mt. Hood, Willamette.Jared Hevenor, 56616 Eden Line
Eden, Ontario N0J 1H0
Email: hevenorj@gmail.com
"The Plantation"Conventional - 1/2 acre. Cultivars include: Cascade, Centennial, Nugget, Triple Perle, Sorachi Ace, Cluster, Willamette.Warren Graham, Petrolia, Ontario. Tel: 519-882-1220.
Email: carolgraham@bell.net

Northern Ontario Hop Farms

Hop Farm
Farm Information
Whitney Hop YardConventional grower; cultivars include: Cascade and HallertaurerMr. Mark Clemence
1085 Haileybury Cr.
Porcupine, On, P0N 1C0
Tel: (705) 235-2094 E-mail whitneyhopyard@gmail.com
Stone Ridge HopsConventional; cultivars include:
Cascade,Challenger, Northern Brewer, Fuggles, Magnum, Nugget - grown in northeastern Ontario.
Randy Dedman, Box 14, Greenbush Road, Little Current, Manitoulin Island, P0P 1K0.
Email: dedmanra@gmail.com
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